benefits of six mukhi rudraksha beads

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Published: 09th May 2011
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Six Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha is related to Six Darshan. The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhhi ( method of purification & charging with Mantra) will have Darshan of six Deva in his Body. This Rudraksha give the knowledge of Soul to the wearer.

The person who wears this Rudraksha become calm and quite like the Moon. It keeps the anger, jealousy, excitation under control in the body of the wearer. This Rudraksha increases the nutritious elements of the Body resulting in the creation of new cosmic powers ( Devi Shakti). This Rudraksha is the provider of results for the hard workers and increases the sperm. It provides success in all assignments.

The Goddess Laxmi Resides in Six Face Rudraksha therefore provides wealth and prosperity. One should meditate on Yellow colored Goddess Mahalaxmi daily after wearing this Rudraksha. It opens the opportunity of money for the wearer of this Rudraksha and always remains with him. It is the provider of every comforts and happiness and increases the Business. This Rudraksha is to worn on Monday before sun-rise.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha as per the various Puranas : Its ruling planet is Venus. Six faced Rudraksha is the center of the power of Lord Shiva’s second son, Kumar Kaartikeya. It gives learning, wisdom and knowledge and increases will power. Moreover, it saves us from the worldly sorrows.

A combination of four face Rudraksha and six face Rudraksha increases the mental power of the wearer amazingly. It is very good for company managers, businessmen, journalists and editors etc. Also Six Mukhi Rudraksha governs Genital organs.

Rituals for Wearing:

Taking the beads of Six faced Rudraksha and stringing them into a red thread and meditating upon Swami Kaartikeya it should be worn chanting "Swami Kaartikeya Namah", "Om Hreem Hum Namah". It is ideal to be worn on arms.

Its ruling planet is Venus. Venus governs Genital organs Throat, Valor, Sexual pleasure, Love, Music etc.

It’s malefic effects can cause diseases and problems in above. Wearing Six Mukhi Rudraksha helps in controlling the malefic effects of Venus and increases the concentration. Six Mukhi rudraksha is very dear to Lord Kaartikeya and is the source of his energy.

Rules for the Rudraksha:

The Wearer of the Rudraksha should chant related Rudraksha Mantra along with Rudraksha Utpatti Mantra (Mantra for the Rudraksha Origin) daily at least 9 times while wearing and removing in the night before going to sleep. More Rules ...

Note : Above details are taken from ancient handwritten text and Guru Mukha. The description is seen in the deep meditation of Lord Shiva by Lord Datta Treya.


Symbol of: God Kartikeya

Ruling Planet: Venus

Recommended for: Head, virility, bone marrow, sight, bile, blood pressure, hemoglobin, injuries, accidents, violence, as well as general vigor and vitality. Mantras

Swami Kartikeya Namah

Om Hreem Hum Namah

Six mukhi rudraksha bead enriches the career path and helps you achieve immense professional and academic success. Students should wear this rudraksha during their studies. It helps you fulfill dreams and lead a very luxurious life. This is regarded as the symbol of Kartikeya, the six faced son of lord Rudra and mother Sharada. He is the younger brother of lord Ganesha.

Men should wear this Rudraksh (Rudraksha) is the right hand and woman should wear in the left hand.

This confers knowledge of the very highest kind. This helps women in diseases like hysteria and other mental illness. Those interested in Tantra also gets benefit by it. It also helps students and businessmen.

It represents Lord Kartikeya. Its possessor attains complete success in the business and earns great wealth. It is beneficial in the cure of epilepsy and all women related problems. It cures external and internal problems related to sexual organs in male or female body. All the disease caused by malefic Venus can be reduced to great extent by wearing Six mukhi rudraksha beads.

Description :

A six Mukhi Rudraksha has six lines (Mukhas) on its surface. The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Kartikeya who is the second son of Lord Shiva and is also the chief of the celestial army. Therefore the wearer of this Rudraksha gets courage as well as wisdom by the blessings of Lord Kartikeya

Information :-

Symbol of : Lord Kartikeya (Lord Shiva’s second son)

Ruling Planet : Venus

Day to wear : Monday or Friday

Beej Mantra : "Om Hreem Hoom Namah"

Features :-

 Six Mukhi Rudraksha increases the will power, expression power, learning power and

the wearer becomes mentally strong. Therefore it is very good for students.

 This Rudraksha endows the wearer a power of Vashikaran (enchantment) by making

him witty, charming and intelligent. Therefore it is good for people having public

dealings like actors and politicians.

 This Rudraksha helps in having a happy marital life and blesses it wearer with all

kinds of worldly possession.

 Six Mukhi Rudraksha also pacifies the negative effects of planet Venus and is

therefore very helpful in curing the diseases of sexual nature and those related to

sexual organs.

Way of wearing :

Taking the beads of Six faced Rudraksha and stringing them into a

thread and meditating upon Swami Kartikeya it should be worn chanting the mantra. It is ideal to be worn on right hand.

Benefits of Rudraksha


 Worldly comfort

 Spiritual fulfillment

 Harmony and Oneness

 Richness and Prosperity

 Self confidence

 Mental Peace

 Physical Activity

 Positive Thoughts

 Creativity Power

 Health & Wealth

 Foresight

Decreases :

 Enemity

 Fear Of Death

 Accidental Death

 Difference of Opinion

 Inferiority Complex

 Depression

 Sufferings from Shanidasha

 Bad effects of Planets

 Nullify Black Magic

 Effects of Evil eye

Prevents & Cures:

 Liver diseases

 Chronic fever

 Mental ailments

 Body pains

 Gynea problems

 Cancer

 Lethargy

 Diseases of gall bladder, nose, kidney, ears, thighs, genital organs, skin, stomach, etc.

Description :

Six mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Kartikeya. The wearer is blessed with wisdom, intelligence and will power. Gives learning, wisdom, knowledge. Increases will power, Enhances vocal power. Brings understanding and appreciation of Love, Sexual Pleasure, Music and Personal Relationships.

Those who want to prevent themselves from evil powers coming towards them , are benefited from this Rudraksha.

As it governs genital organ, so it is also good for infertile women.

This bead enriches the career path and helps you achieve immense professional and academic success. It helps you fulfill dreams and lead a very luxurious life.

Mantra : Om Hreem Hum Namah

Deity : Six Darshan and Goddess Laxmi

Suggested for : Those who needs money and a healthy body. It enhances the male power.

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